Jordan’s Marin Bobcat Trail 3 Bike Check

Covid hit the bike industry hard. Finding a bike was near impossible. Even harder trying to get the exact things you wanted. I finally found a Marin Bobcat Trail 3 in stock and checked most of my boxes for my first MTB. I knew I would buy some upgrades and make it a close to what I wanted in the first place. So far its been sick! Had to dump the 2×8 drivetrain it came with immediately and went with a 1×11 setup. What a difference.

First mtb trip to Alafia State Park

Wow. What a spot. Coming from Orlando, took us about 2 hrs. Leaving at 6am on a Saturday to get there when the gates opened still put us at the back of a long line of cars waiting to get in. 5$ car fee to get in. So many people packed into the parking lot. Luckily a good sized overflow lot close by.

I can see why this place was so crowded. It’s incredible. Finally putting my little hard tail to the test. Bottoming out the cheap xcm forks on most trails. Steeeep drops for the first time in my riding career. Scary ones too.

This place is huge. So much to do. So many fun trails of all skill levels. Fun jump lines too. Scenery is awesome.

I was so excited and in the zone to ride I never took out the camera or filmed anything with the GoPro. Honestly that felt good to just ride. 3 hrs and ten miles later we were beat. Hit up smoking pig bbq on the way out. Or smoking joe’s bbq.. next time. Can’t wait to see this place again.

We had bought a Saris Bones 2 trunk rack and we’re testing it out the night before only to pack it back in the box it came in, to be returned.

Not impressed with the quality of the straps, or the metal to metal trunk connections either. With 2 30+ pound bikes on the back it just didn’t seem “safe”. I’m sure it would have made it no problem but for almost $200 it didn’t sell me.

Still taking the sedan, we pulled the wheels off the bikes and stuff them in the trunk with the rear seats down. Worked great.

Also packed me a little emergency bike tool kit from an old uline bag. Sturdy box shaped design and looks like a cooler.. it works good to keep tools, tubes, spare parts, pads and more all secured in one place.


Soldier Creek Cardio Session

Woke up to a nice surprise. 65 degrees and sunny. Fk yea let’s ride. My cardio is at an all time low, so trying to get as much miles on the bike as I can before our Asheville trip in April. Forgot my helmet.. what else is new. Had to wear the 3/4 foam boy. No worries.

Not too bad of a day. Almost 8 miles. Actually found someone’s Tesla car key on the trail today. What a weird cheap ass key, it’s shaped like a tesla out of plastic. Thought it was just a weirdo keychain flashlight and almost chucked it into the garbage. Went to the parking lot mashing the button and sure enough a white Tesla’s trunk popped open. Been there before. So I road back down the hiking trail where we found the key and asked each stranger along the way. Finally found the ol bloke and the end of the trail missing his key. Asked him the color and model, which he got correct, handed over the key and headed back out with a good feeling vibe.